Converting the old (albums, CDs, tapes, photos) into the new (digital music, digital photos)

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Converting the old (your albums, CDs, tapes, photos) into the new (digital music, digital photos)Okay, so you’ve taken the leap and embraced the digital era:  You absolutely love listening to music on your iPod and you swear the camera in your smartphone takes the greatest pictures.


Do you still find yourself surrounded by dozens (even hundreds) of vinyl albums, 45 records, cassette tapes and CDs?

Is your closet filled with old photographs or hundreds (even thousands) of 35mm slides?

Our workshop will guide you through the easy process to convert your old (analog) music, slides and photographs into new (digital) ones.

Why bother?  Wouldn’t you like to enjoy your old 45 records on your iPod?  Wouldn’t it be great to send your old childhood pictures to your family as an e-mail attachment?

We’ll not only walk you through the steps to convert all your old medium; we’ll explain how you can maximize the converted material with today’s digital resources.

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