iPads and Tablets: What’s out there (and how to use them)

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iPads and Tablets:  What's out there (and how to use them)You’ve seen the commercials.  iPads.  Tablets.  Are they right for me?  Do they accomplish what the ads seem to promise?  What’s the difference between them (or, for that matter, is there any difference)? 

Our workshop will guide you through the morass: 

  • They’re all ‘tablets’.  iPad is just the brand name for Apple’s device, much like Xerox was synonymous with ‘copying’, even though it was just the brand name. 
  • At the core of every tablet – whether Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Surface, Kindle’s Fire, Google’s Nexus, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and much more – are  highly sophisticated mobile entertainment centers.
  • While tablets can be fun and informative, they probably won’t guarantee the levels of joy and ecstasy promised in the ads.
  • And, finally, the bottom line:  there really isn’t too much difference between them.

Our workshop will guide you through the world of iPads and tablets.  We’ll also discuss “apps” (“applications”):  what are they (“applications”) and how to best use them.  Finally, we’ll help you understand what you can do on iPads and tablets (and, perhaps more importantly, what you can’t do on them).  All-in-all, we’ll help you understand what works best for you.

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