Learning all you need to know about cell phones, smartphones and much more

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Learning all you need to know about cell phones and smartphonesOne of the most widespread digital devices throughout the United States and around the world is the cell phone.  Equally, one of the most misused (even misunderstood) digital devices is that very same cell phone.

We’ll dig deep into the cell phone.  We’ll explain the difference between landlines, cell phones, feature phones and smartphones.  We’ll lay out the general features of the cell phone and will talk about what you can expect with your next phone or upgrade. 

We’ll discuss the right phone and carrier service for you.  And, finally, we’ll discuss “apps” (“applications”) for your phone:  what they are and how to find and download the apps that are right for you.

By the time you’re finished with this workshop, you’ll feel more comfortable with not just your phone, but those of your family and friends. 

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