Where are we going? A peek into the digital future.

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Where are we going? A peek into the digital future.How can tabloids function as remotes?  Is Microsoft Kinect more than just a game?  Is Apple’s voice recognition Siri the way of the future or will Skype take us to the next visual frontier?  Will television become your bookstore / supermarket / retail outlet and possibly replace Amazon, Apple storefronts?  What is T-Commerce? 

Want to know where the digital future is heading?  This workshop imagines where we’re going and the (short) steps that will take us there.  We don’t even need a crystal ball since most of this technology is poised to hit the marketplace.

We’ll cover such areas as:  

  • Digital medicine
  • Digital Finance / Mobile Payments
  • Smart cars, smart homes, even smart apparel
  • T-Commerce (television commerce)
  • Second Screen
  • Geolocation
  • Context-Aware Services
  • Object Recognition and Augmented Reality

    And much more.

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